Simple health tips for a healthy and happy life

Sometimes it can be felt that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an overwhelming challenge that does not fit into the realities of everyday life. It’s hard to keep a full-time job, eat well, train for a marathon, make green juice at home, spend quality time with your family / partner and meditate for an hour every day. 

Of course, a healthy lifestyle can incorporate all of these things (if you want to), but it doesn’t have to be defined by grandiose displays of health and fitness.

Much of healthy living is made up of the little things we do every day – things that are so small that they don’t feel important, but that, done consistently over time, come together to produce great results. The weight loss process can be continued even if you eat in the evening.

Coffee is great too, but it’s best to start your day by rehydrating yourself with a full glass of water. Moisturizing the first thing in the morning helps digestion, improves skin health and increases energy. 

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is an easy way to get a little more physical activity in everyday life. It also strengthens and tones your legs and muscles.l 

A simple hack for healthy eating (and portion control) is to make half of the vegetables at every meal. A healthy breakfast gives you the energy to do all your daily tasks.

Using a Fitbit (we like Ionic and Versa) to follow your steps is an easy way to make sure you get enough physical activity. We aim for 10,000 steps each day, which has significant benefits for physical and mental health.

Conventional household cleaning products are full of harmful chemical ingredients that are not good for our health. Switching to healthier alternatives is an easy way to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins in your home. Pickles are good for digestion, but are not recommended for those with kidney problems.