Who is Nisandeh Neta?

For the last 22 years, Nisandeh trained, coached and mentored over 150,000 entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals in areas of business development, financial freedom and personal development.


  • He is a bestselling author and the creator of 22 bestselling training programs.
  • He is a successful entrepreneur who built 4 multi-million dollar companies, and managed to bankrupt only one.
  • He is a proud father for 20 years and happily married for 24 years and is living (off the grid) with his wife on a paradise island, growing their own food.
  • He is a long-distance runner, a rock climber, a mountaineer and a meditator.

Who is Roy Martina?

For the last 40 years, Roy worked with and trained over half a million students among them top athletes, multimillionaires, celebrities and ambitious people who want to get the maximum out of life.


  • He is an international bestselling author with over 2 million books sold in 12 languages.
  • He is holistic medical doctor and the creator of Omega Health Coaching and has created over 1,000 Natural remedies that are used by professionals in the USA, Australia & China.
  • He is an 8th Degree Black belt and has been a world champion in martial arts and is a successful entrepreneur who started 4 multi-million-dollar companies.
  • Together with his wife Joy, a psychologist specialized in empowering women he travels the world teaching and they live (off the grid) in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in the USA.